A self-sustaining platform for fans of Thomas Pieters

Professional athletes and their management often have little time to maintain a website. As a results of this in many cases their websites are rarely used or never updated. The goal of this website was to make it as self-sustainable as possible to counter this issue.

I was part of the development team of OWOW Agency under lead of Tom Raas. This project was not done on my own.


OWOW Agency


Front-end development internship at OWOW Agency


OWOW Agency team

What did I do?


Target audience

Fans of Thomas Pieters

Unique selling points


Homepage with a slow-motion video of Thomas Pieters swinging his golf bat on scroll.


A page that automatically tracks where Thomas Pieters has competitions. This page shows the locations he has been, the routes he took, the amount of KM he traveled and the CO2 compensation Thomas Pieters did to compensate for his flying.


Sponsors page, on this page fans can see what sponsors Thomas Pieters has.


On this page Thomas Pieters talks about his life and answers frequently asked questions.