Personalised onboarding and integration guidance

Onboarding can be an intimidating proces in which the company and the employee will face many challenges. To smoothen this proces Voyage offers guidance on the tedious administrative steps, employee integration/guidance and the communication between new and existing colleagues.




Graduation project CMD

Project Date

January 2022


Stef Brouwers

What did I do?

Website development
UX / UI design
User testing
Physical goodie bags

Target audience

Companies with 500 employees who recruit 100 or more new employees anually.

Voyage app homepage screen
Voyage app personalised guidance screen
Voyage app character homepage screen
Voyage app goodie bags display
Voyage app selecting interests screen
Voyage app anonymous chat screen

Unique selling points

Personalised guidance

A number of work related questions will detect posible strenghts and weaknesses of the onboardee. Based on the results of this question the onboardee will get a mentor assigned with similar strenghts and weaknesses.

This fitting mentor will enhance the efficiency and speed of the onboardee and makes sure the onboarding process will be executed as smooth as possible.

Avatar creation

Allowing users to create their own avatar stimulates personal expression.

Goodie bag

After the onboardee has finished pre-boarding they receive a goodie bag. Inside this goodiebag they can find a business card with their name, avatar and favorite color. Besides this the goodie bag contains an NFC tag that allows employees to add each other as friends on Voyage by holding it to the back of their phone.


Users can add their own interests and can connect with new colleagues based on their mutual interests.

Anonymous chat

Meet new colleagues without prejudices through the anonymous chat. Start a random conversation of start one based on your mutual interests.