Hike website

A professional, simple and easy-to-fill website.

Hike allows small companies or individuals on a tight budget to get a professional, simple and easy-to-fill website.


A self-sustaining platform for fans of Thomas Pieters

Professional athletes and their management often have little time to maintain a website. As a results of this in many cases their websites are rarely used or never updated. The goal of this website was to make it as self-sustainable as possible to counter this issue.


Enriching live performances and creativity in the studio

Musical instruments should feel as an extension of yourself, and not the other way around. Add a new dimension to your analog layout, acoustic instruments or existing MIDI instruments with the new MIDIS 2.0.


Personalised onboarding and integration guidance

Onboarding can be an intimidating proces in which the company and the employee will face many challenges. To smoothen this proces Voyage offers guidance on the tedious administrative steps, employee integration/guidance and the communication between new and existing colleagues.